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CodeCourse nameCDLYear Period Teacher
12CDUOA Reti di Calcolatori Ing. Informatica 3 1 MarchettoRisso
05KSILM Computer Networks Computer Engineering 3 1 Marchetto
02KPNOV Tecnologie e Servizi di rete Ing. Informatica 1LS 1 Baldi
01OTWOV Computer Network Technologies and Services Ing. Informatica 1LS 1 Baldi
03MQPOV Distributed Programming I Ing. Informatica 1LS 2 Sisto
01PDVOV Distributed Programming II Ing. Informatica 2LS 1 Sisto
01NVYOV Progetto di reti locali Ing. Informatica 1LS 2 Risso
01NVZOV Protocolli e Algoritmi di Routing Ing. Informatica 2LS 1 Risso




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