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NetGroup Staff

by Amministratore last modified Nov 30, 2013 07:53 PM

Riccardo Sisto, Full Professor

Mario Baldi, Associate Professor

Fulvio Risso, Assistant Professor

Guido Marchetto, Assistant Professor

Marco Leogrande, Ph.D. student

Ivano Cerrato, PhD. student

Matteo Virgilio, Ph.D. student



Past Netgroup members


Francesco Andriani
Now at Alenia Aeronautica (Italy)
Alberto Blanc, PhD
Now at INRIA (France)
Davide Bergamasco, PhD
Now at Vmware (USA)
Niccolo' Cascarano, PhD Now at Google Inc. (Switzerland)
Lorenzo De Carli
Now at University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)
Luca De Marco
Now at Consoft Sistemi (Italy)
Loris Degioanni, PhD
Now at Riverbed, San Francisco (USA); former Cacetech, founder, Davis (USA)
Paolo Falcarin, PhD
Now at East London University (UK)
Silvano Gai, PhD
Now at Cisco Systems (USA)
Riccardo Giacomelli, PhD
MBA student, Torino (Italy)
Salvatore Iacono
Now at Man Investments (Switzerland)
Maria Letizia Jaccheri, PhD
Now at NTNU (Norway)
Patricia Lago, PhD
Now at Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam)
Ju Liu
Now at WeLaika, Torino (Italy)
Dante Malagrino, PhD
Now founder at Embrane (USA)
Giovanni Malnati, PhD Now at Applied Pervasive Architectures Lab (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Flavio Marinone
Now at CST Consulting (Italy)
Pierluca Montessoro, PhD
Now at University of Udine (Italy)
Olivier Morandi, PhD
Now at Laser Group (Italy)
Giorgio Moscardi
Now at Selex Galileo (Italy)
Marco Papa Manzillo, PhD
Now at Google Zurich (Switzerland) (Italy)
Gian Pietro Picco, PhD
Now at University of Trento (Italy)
Riccardo Scandariato, PhD
Now at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Andrea Scozzaro
Now at SpinetiX S.A. (Switzerland)
Livio Torrero, PhD Now at Centro Supercalcolo Piemonte (CSP, Italy)
Gianluca Varenni, PhD
Now at Riverbed, Davis (USA)
Andrea Vesco, PhD
Now at Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB, Italy)



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