Welcome to the Netgroup at Politecnico di Torino The Computer Networks Group (NetGroup) is a research group focused on computer networks. It is involved in several teaching activities (courses), research projects (both academic and applied research), and consulting activities. Main research directions include: Network “softwarization” and Fog Computing (Internet Of Things) Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Service orchestration and formal methods applied to multi-domain cloud/fog-oriented SDN/NFV-based networks Computing at the edge of the network Network-software engineering Efficient traffic classification and packet processing Model-based and policy-based development Machine Learning-based network management Protocol Engineering Languages for protocol description Formal verification of security protocols Security function allocation (formally ensuring safety and security) You can find more details about us, our research and teaching activities, by digging into this web site.


Faculties: Riccardo Sisto, Full Professor homepage publications riccardo.sisto[at]polito.it Claudio Casetti, Full Professor homepage publications claudio.casetti[at]polito.it Mario Baldi, Associate Professor homepage publications mario.baldi[at]polito.it Fulvio Risso, Associate Professor homepage publications fulvio.risso[at]polito.it Guido Marchetto, Associate Professor homepage publications guido.marchetto[at]polito.it Fulvio Valenza, Non-tenure Track Assistant Professor homepage publications fulvio.valenza[at]polito.it We remember here our colleague and group leader, passed away in 2012:


Code Course name CDL Year Period Teacher 12CDUOA Reti di Calcolatori Ing. Informatica 3 1 Marchetto, Cena, Casetti 05KSILM Computer Networks Computer Engineering 3 1 Zunino 02KPNOV Tecnologie e Servizi di Rete Ing. Informatica 1LS 1 Marchetto 01OTWOV Computer Network Technologies and Services Ing. Informatica 1LS 1 Marchetto 01TXZOV Distributed Systems Programming Ing. Informatica 2LS 1 Sisto 01SQPOV Software Networking Ing.


Research at Netgroup This page contains information related to the research activities in the Networking Group (NetGroup). The main research topics are related to: Formal methods/verification (reference person: prof. Riccardo Sisto) Communication protocol engineering (reference person: prof. Claudio Casetti) Machine learning-based network management (reference person: prof. Guido Marchetto) High-speed packet processing/forwarding (reference person: prof. Fulvio Risso) Techniques for network security analysis, verification and monitoring (reference person: prof. Riccardo Sisto) Network Security Policy (reference person: Fulvio Valenza) Software-defined networking Network functions virtualization The official database of the all papers published in the NetGroup is available at IRIS.


General information about reaching Politecnico: Map of the main campus, with the location of the Department Map of Torino, with the location of Politecnico How to get to Politecnico Public transportation in Torino: Network maps Journey planner How to reach us (once you arrived in Politecnico): We are located in the Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica (Department of Control and Computer Engineering). Once arrived in the main campus map, directions are the following:


Research Public Contracts Type Duration Title Group Referent Consulting and Research Contracts 2013-2013 RICOSTRUZIONE DI FLUSSI HTTP MEDIANTE CATTURA DEL TRAFFICO CON SONDE PASSIVE Fulvio Risso Consulting and Research Contracts 2012-2012 TECNOLOGIE PER L’EVOLUZIONE DI SOFTWARE GESTIONALI Fulvio Risso Consulting and Research Contracts 2010-2011 STUDIO E REALIZZAZIONE DI UNA PIATTAFORMA PER LO SVILUPPO ED EROGAZIONE DI SERVIZI INFORMATICI SECONDO IL MODELLO SAAS Riccardo Sisto Consulting and Research Contracts 2010-2010 SPECIALIZZAZIONE DI NETPDL PER APPLICAZIONI PER LO SPAZIO Fulvio Risso Consulting and Research Contracts 2009-2009 AGGIORNAMENTO DELL’INFRASTRUTTURA DI FONIA ALLA TECNOLOGIA VOIP Fulvio Risso

Projects (last 10 years)

EU-Funded Projects Duration Title Main Contact 2022-2022 Distributed Learning for Resilient Virtual Network Management at Scale Guido Marchetto 2021-2023 A flagship for B5G/6G vision and intelligent fabric of technology enablers connecting human, physical, and digital worlds Claudio Casetti 2020-2020 TOSHI -TOtal System sHIeld Fulvio Risso 2019-2021 5GROWTH - 5G-enabled Growth in Vertical Industries Claudio Casetti 2018-2020 AddreSing ThReats for virtualIseD services Fulvio Risso 2016-2017 NFV@EDGE (SoftFIRE 1st Open Call) Fulvio Risso 2016-2016 Certification Centre for Buslness Acceleration of SDN and NFV Fulvio Risso 2015-2015 SDN@EDGE Fulvio Risso 2015-2021 ASTIB - Development of Advanced Systems Technologies and hardware Riccardo Sisto 2013-2016 SECURED -Security at the Network Edge Fulvio Risso 2013-2016 UNIFY - Unifying Cloud and Career Networks Fulvio Risso 2012-2015 VETESS - Verification and Testing to Support Functional Safety Standards Riccardo Sisto Research Projects Supported by Structural and National Funds Duration Title Main Contact 2021-2022 ECCO: Edge-Cloud COntinuum for connected vehicles Claudio Casetti 2017-2017 Digital Vehicles Claudio Casetti 2014-2019 ITS (Sistema di Trasporto Intelligente) Italia 2020 Claudio Casetti 2011-2013 Gestione dei Contenuti Informativi in Reti Domestiche Federate Claudio Casetti 2010-2012 IMPRESA: Internet Monitoring with Privacy-Preserving Encoding and Selective Access Fulvio Risso 2010-2012 BESOS: Bandwidth Efficiency and Energy Saving by Sub-Lambda Optical Switching Mario Baldi 2010-2012 Esecuzione Efficiente di Codice Dinamico di Monitoraggio in Grado di Mantenere la Privacy sui Dati Fulvio Risso 2010-2012 SISMA - Sicurezza Funzionale dei Sistemi Meccatronici Automotive Riccardo Sisto