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Computer Network Technologies and Services / Tecnologie e Servizi di Rete

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Computer Engineering - Academic year 2012/2013

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The course presents advanced topics concerning computer networks. Specifically, it presents and discusses widely deployed technologies and offered services, with the aim of providing the knowledge for wisely making technical choices when in charge of network design and operation.



This page refers to to different courses, which present the same topics but are taught in different languages. Specifically,

  • Computer network Technologies and Services is taught in English
  • Tecnologie e Servizi di Rete รจ riservato per gli studenti del percorso di studi in italiano.

Those courses present the same topics, make use the same set of slides, share the same learning material (slides, assignments, labs) and the same web site, have the same lecturers. However, lectures (and the exam) will be given in either English (for CNTS) or Italian (for TSR).


Lab assistants

  • Ing. Matteo Avalle (matteo.avalle[at]
  • Ing. Piergiuseppe Bettassa (piergiuseppe.bettassa[at]


Lab assignments

The course includes some practical assignments on the main topics covered during classes. The Lab allows students experimenting mechanisms and protocols covered during class with the objective of facilitating their learning. Lab reports have to be submitted in person to one of the professors during lab hours within the specific deadline, that is written in the course calendar. The participation to lab experiences and submission of the reports is optional but strongly encouraged. Furthermore, students that submit their assignment can have up to 3 points added to the exam grade (when passed). No solutions or official correction of the reports will be provided after the end of the lab experiences, but each experience can be discussed in the lab during the scheduled sessions upon specific requests of the students.

Please note that although lab experiences are not mandatory, the exam might include questions related to the lab experiences.

Finally, the additional points (possibly) earned with the lab assignments will be valid only within the current academic year.


The type of test (written or oral test) depends on the number of students taking the exam and will be specified for each scheduled date. Given the high number of students who selected these courses, in the vast majority of cases the exam will be in a written form.

The written exam consists in a set of exercises and/or open answer questions (usually 3) and multiple closed answer questions (usually between 15 and 18). The exact weight of each question with respect to the total mark will be written on the exam text; usually, open answer questions account for 12 to 15 points, while closed answer question account for the remaining 15 to 18 points.

It is a mandatory requirement to pass the exam that the total amount of points scored in the open answer questions is above a threshold defined for each test depending on the total score associated to such questions.

If the grade of the exam is >=18, the final grade is obtained by adding the evaluation of the written text with the possible points acquired in lab/exercises.


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