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Local and metropolitan area network design (LMAND)

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Communication Engineering - Academic year 2009/2010

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The course presents algorithms and protocols currently used in local and metropolitan area networks, mainly focusing on wired networks. Relevance is also given to practical lab exercises, useful to further improve the knowledge of the addressed topics.





The course includes some theoretical and practical exercises on the main topics covered during classes. Details on the related page.



The type of test (written or oral test) depends on the number of students taking the exam and will be specified for each scheduled date.
It is a mandatory requirement to pass the exam that the total amount of points scored in the open answer questions is above a threshold defined for each test depending on the total score associated to such questions.
The exam grade is obtained by adding the evaluation of the written text with the possible points acquired in lab/exercises.

The text of previous exams is not publicly available; an exampe of a possible exam has been published on the "didattica" portal. Please read carefully the description of exam rules.


Previous years

You can find web pages related to the past editions of the course at the links:



1. M. Baldi, P. Nicoletti, "Switched LAN," McGraw-Hill Companies, July 2002, ISBN 88 386 3426-2. (in Italian)

2. R. Seifert, J. Edwards. The All-New Switch Book: The Complete Guide to LAN Switching Technology, Wiley, 2008, ISBN 978-0470287156.

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