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Local and metropolitan area network design (LMAND)

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Telematic Engineering - Academic year 2008/2009

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The course presents algorithms and protocols currently used in local and metropolitan area networks, mainly focusing on wired networks. Relevance is also given to practical lab exercises, useful to further improve the knowledge of the addressed topics.



  • Ing. Fulvio Risso (fulvio.risso[at], tel.        011 564 7008       
  • Ing. Guido Marchetto (guido.marchetto[at], Tel.        011 564 7094    



The course includes three lab assignments on the main topics covered during classes. Assignments allow students experimenting mechanisms and protocols covered in theory with the aim to facilitate their learning.  Lab exercises have to be carried out in groups of 4 people. The course also includes some theoretical exercises that have to be solved individually by students. The solutions of the assignments (practical and theoretical) have to be uploaded through a web system called moodle. The evaluation of the assignments will change the grade of the final exam in a range from -3 to 3 points. For each assignment, only some students (selected randomly) will receive an evaluation of their solution, which in any case will not be accompanied by a detailed analysis of the work. However, this could be provided upon explicit request during in-lab lectures.

The text of the assignments is available (after registration) through this address: For a detailed description of rules and procedures concerning the delivery of exercises see the page "Information and instructions" in moodle.

Please remind that the examination includes questions about laboratory exercises.

Important note: the registration in moodle is compulsory for all students of the course, even if they do not have to upload the solutions of the exercises as they have already carried out them during past years. 



The type of test (written or oral test) depends on the number of students taking the exam and will be specified for each scheduled date.
It is a mandatory requirement to pass the exam that the total amount of points scored in the open answer questions is above a threshold defined for each test depending on the total score associated to such questions.
The exam grade is obtained by adding the evaluation of the lab exercises to the grade of the written test such that the maximum grade is 30/30.

Upload of assignment solutions is a requirement for being admitted to the exam.

The text of previous exams is not publicly available; only some sample questions are available. Please read carefully the description of exam rules.



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