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Theoretical Exercises

The course includes 6 theoretical exercises that have to be solved individually by students. Exercises have to be submitted by hand to one of the professors (during teaching or lab hours) within the specific deadline. In particular, students have about two weeks to solve and submit each exercise. Specific deadlines for each exercise are reported below. Texts and solutions (published the week after the submission) of the exercises are available on the Course outline and Learning material page (ENG)(ITA).

The submission of the exercises is optional but strongly encouraged. Furthermore, students that submit at least 5 exercises can have up to 3 points summed to the exam grade (if successful). This bonus is valid only for the first exam.


Exercise #1: Ethernet - Due to 14/05

Exercise #2: MAC Addressing - Due to 21/05

Exercise #3: MAC Forwarding - Due to 28/05

Exercise #4: Spanning Tree Protocol - Due to 04/06

Exercise #5: VLANs - Due to 11/06

Exercise #6: Network Design - Due to 18/06


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Lab Exercises

The course also includes 3 Lab exercises on the main topics covered during classes. The Lab allows students experimenting mechanisms and protocols covered in theory with the objective of facilitating their learning.  The Lab is completely optional and does not introduces any additional bonus.

Due to the limitation of devices, Lab exercises have to be carried out in groups of 4 students. Group registration can be done at the following link:

Please use only email addresses in the domain '' (

Each group must elect a leader. The leader is responsible for:

  1. Contacting via email the teacher responsible for the laboratory to request a valid account to access the NetLab Server. WARNING!! The group members are responsible for the accounts and for all the actions carried out on the NetLab Server.
  2. Booking the workplace before starting the Lab exercise, using the following link:

Booking rules are the following:

  • It is allowed to book a workplace for a maximum of 2 consecutive hours per day.
  • It is not allowed to book a workplace for more than 4 hours per exercise.
  • In the case booked hours cannot be used for some reason, it is mandatory to "free" the time slot in the booking page.


Lab Exercise #1: Filtering Database - Available from 10/05 to 23/05

Lab Exercise #2: Spanning Tree Protocol - Available from 24/05 to 06/06

Lab Exercise #3: VLANs - Available from 07/06 to 20/06


Texts of Lab exercises are available on the Course outline and Learning material page (ENG)(ITA).

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