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Proposte di Tesi

by Administrator last modified Nov 11, 2011 03:05 PM

The Computer Networks Group (NetGroup) is involved in several activities concerning computer networks (e.g., network processing, distributed systems). We list here a set of topics we are involved in; theses will focus on some specific aspects within the broader project.

We require full-time students, with a few exams left (no more than 20 credits, much better if even less) and we expect the work to be completed within about 6 months.

Our projects are usually rather challenging and therefore we would like to offer them to highly motivated students. Preferably, the average mark in the exams at Politecnico should be 26 or higher.

Some of the topics offer the possibility to work abroad and/or into a company. Please note that that the theses abroad are usually offered only to outstanding students.

Currently, the NetGroup is involved in the following research projects:


Descriptions of all thesis proposals are available on the 'didattica' web site.

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