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Tools currently under development

This is a list of all the tools currently supported and under development.

  • Analyzer: A public domain network sniffer. For Windows.
  • NetBee: A new library for packet capture and packet manipulation; it includes the first implementation of the NetPDL language.
  • Classification tools: a set of tools for network traffic classification up to application layer, based on NetBee library
  • Dyn@NG: a web interface for managing remote Dynamips instances
  • iNFAnt: a framework for executing high speed regular expression matching algorithm over GPU card supporting CUDA technology
  • DynngUI: a web frontend for Dyn@NG


Tools developed in the past (no longer supported)

This is a list of tools we developed in the past; some are still active, although no longer maintained at all, or no longer maintained by our group.

  • WinDump: Windows porting of the famous tcpdump tool. For Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
  • WinPcap: Windows Packet Capture Library; compatible with libpcap for UNIX. For Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • 46Bouncer: A simple tool that accepts an IPv4/6 incoming connection and it translates it into IPv6/4.
  • WebLibrary: A simple tool to create web sites starting from HTML text files and PowerPoint slides.
  • Avican: A videoconferencing system with Active Networks technology.
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