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Audio/video examples

by Administrator last modified Sep 12, 2007 04:51 PM

All the examples provided will be described  to understand  better the perfomance of application. Various files are provided, with different codec, frame rate, duration and quality.

File .acp Duration


    Codec Bit rate (approx) Codec Frame size Frame rate Bit rate (approx)
File1 (2.35MB) 70 sec -pcm -64 kbs h261 288x352 10 fps 128 kbs
File2 (4.55MB) 174 sec -pcm -64 kbs h261 288x352 8 fps 128 kbs
File3 (3.98MB) 92 sec -pcm -64 kbs h261 288x352 15 fps 256 kbs
File4 (13.7MB) 126 sec -pcm -64 kbs h261 288x352 20 fps 768 kbs
File5 (1.32MB) 120 sec -pcm -64 kbs        

All examples described above have been created using vic application for the video and rat application for the audio.

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