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Since the courses Computer Network Technologies and Services and Tecnologie e Servizi di Rete have the same content, the outline is provided here for both.

Course outline and material:

Routing in IP networks

Fundamentals of switched local are network design

  • Ethernet forwarding
    • Bridging and filtering database
    • Switches
  • The spanning tree protocol
  • VLAN
  • Design principles

Audio and video transmission on packet networks

Internet Protocol version 6

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) - color, black&white

  • Original idea and basic principles
  • Multi-protocol Lambda Switching
  • Generalized MPLS (GMPLS)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN): protocols and architectures for both customer-provisioned and provider-provisioned solutions

Technologies for data communication in wide-area-networks: ATM, Frame Relay, SONet/SDH.

Material for Lab Experiences:

This section contains the assignments for all the three laboratories.

Lecture notes shared by students:

The lecture notes and other material provided in this section was compiled by students that nicely offered to share it with other students having taken the same or future editions of the course. The material is available to the course website because it might be helpful. However, it is by no means to be considered as a reference in terms of set of topics addressed in the course (and required to pass the exam), level of detail provided (and required to pass the exam), accuracy of information contained.

Lorenzo David, Luca Ghio, “Computer network technologies and services: lecture notes”, in English and in Italiano

Andrea Marcelli, Notes and selected literature on a selection of topics addressed during the course: MPLS, MPLS VPN, QoS, Optical Networks, IPV6. [88MB zip archive]

Andrea Marcelli, “Access VPN deployment examples”.

Raffele Sommese, “VPN con IPsec e OpenVPN”, in Italiano.

Nicola Fioranelli, “Reti locali”, in Italiano.

Calendar for CNTS:

The lecture schedule is available in ical format (it can be used by calendar applications to automatically synchronize to the on-line calendar).

Calendario di TSR:

Il calendario di lezioni, laboratori, ed esami è disponibile in formato ical (che può essere usato da applicazioni per sincronizzarsi automaticamente con il calendario on-line).