Projects (last 10 years)

EU-Funded Projects

DurationTitleMain Contact
2022-2025    FLUIDOS - Flexible, Scalable Secure and Decentralized Operating SystemsFulvio Risso
2022-2025CONNECT - Continuous and Efficient Cooperative Trust Management for Resilient CCAMClaudio Casetti
2022-2022Distributed Learning for Resilient Virtual Network Management at ScaleGuido Marchetto
2021-2023A flagship for B5G/6G vision and intelligent fabric of technology enablers connecting human,
physical, and digital worlds
Claudio Casetti
2020-2020TOSHI - Total System ShieldFulvio Risso
2019-20215GROWTH - 5G-enabled Growth in Vertical IndustriesClaudio Casetti
2018-2020ASTRID - Addresing Threats for Virtualised servicesFulvio Risso
2016-2017NFV@EDGE (SoftFIRE 1st Open Call)Fulvio Risso
2016-2016Certification Centre for Buslness Acceleration of SDN and NFVFulvio Risso
2015-2015SDN@EDGEFulvio Risso
2015-2021ASTIB - Development of Advanced Systems Technologies and hardwareRiccardo Sisto
2013-2016SECURED -Security at the Network EdgeFulvio Risso
2013-2016UNIFY - Unifying Cloud and Career NetworksFulvio Risso
2012-2015VETESS - Verification and Testing to Support Functional Safety StandardsRiccardo Sisto

Research Projects Supported by Structural and National Funds

DurationTitleMain Contact
2021-2022    ECCO: Edge-Cloud COntinuum for connected vehiclesClaudio Casetti    
2017-2017Digital VehiclesClaudio Casetti
2014-2019ITS (Sistema di Trasporto Intelligente) Italia 2020Claudio Casetti
2011-2013Gestione dei Contenuti Informativi in Reti Domestiche FederateClaudio Casetti
2010-2012IMPRESA: Internet Monitoring with Privacy-Preserving Encoding and Selective AccessFulvio Risso
2010-2012BESOS: Bandwidth Efficiency and Energy Saving by Sub-Lambda Optical SwitchingMario Baldi
2010-2012Esecuzione Efficiente di Codice Dinamico di Monitoraggio in Grado di Mantenere la Privacy sui DatiFulvio Risso
2010-2012SISMA - Sicurezza Funzionale dei Sistemi Meccatronici AutomotiveRiccardo Sisto